Car AC Repair Virginia Beach

Car AC Repair Virginia Beach

Beat the heat & keep cool on the road with expert of a Car AC Repair Virginia Beach. When the scorching summer heat hits Hampton Roads, VA, a functioning car air conditioning (AC) system becomes a necessity for a comfortable & enjoyable driving experience. However, if you find yourself sweating behind the wheel due to a malfunctioning AC, it's time to seek professional Car AC Repair Virginia Beach.
A fully operational Car AC system provides relief from the sweltering temperatures, ensuring a comfortable drive for both you & your passengers.
A functioning AC system helps maintain clear visibility by eliminating condensation and preventing fogging on the windows, increasing overall safety.
An efficient AC system filters out pollutants, pollen, and dust, improving the air quality inside your vehicle and creating a healthier environment.

Car AC Repair Virginia Beach Labor Cost:
Refill refrigerant $40;
Vacuum car ac system & refill refrigerant $80;
Apply car ac dye $40;

Every job is different, for more an accurate estimate click quote:

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to buy the car freon?
    It's up to you. You can bring your own refrigerant to the appointment or we can order them for you. Make sure you get right one. In nowadays, there are 2 types of most using ones: R134a & R1234yf.
  • How long does car ac recharge take?
    It depends on the type of car. Usually it takes 10 to 20 minutes. But if there is a leak in the ac line, (which we can diagnose), the ac compressor was or need to be replaced, it may take longer.
  • Can I drop my car off for the ac repair & pick it up later after it's done?
    Yes, you can. When you are doing a no rush service, we can also check your suspension components for you.

Car AC Repair Near Virginia Beach

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