Engine Mount Replacement Virginia Beach
Transmission Mount Replacement Virginia Beach

Engine Mount Replacement Virginia Beach

Replacing mounts, specifically engine mounts and transmission mounts, is an important maintenance task for your vehicle's overall health and safety.
1. If you experience unusual vibrations, especially when idling or accelerating, it could indicate damaged engine or transmission mounts.
2. A clunking or banging noise when shifting gears or going over bumps might be a sign of worn mounts.
3. Excessive movement of the engine or transmission when you rev the engine or shift gears is a clear sign that mounts are damaged.
* Engine mounts support and stabilize the engine. If they are worn or damaged, they can allow excessive engine movement, which can lead to other issues. Replacing engine mounts typically involves lifting the engine to access and replace the mounts.
* Transmission mounts perform a similar function for the transmission. Damaged transmission mounts can lead to improper alignment of the transmission, causing shifting issues or driveline vibrations. Replacing transmission mounts usually requires supporting the transmission while removing and replacing the mounts.

Engine Mount Replacement Virginia Beach Labor Cost: $90/hr;
Transmission Mount Replacement Virginia Beach Labor Cost: $80/hr;

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to buy a car mount?
    It's up to you. You can bring your own car mounts to the appointment or we can order them for you.
  • How long does a car mount replacement take?
    It depends on the type of car. It might takes up to 2 - 8 hours.
  • Can I drop my car off for the car mount replacement & pick it up later after it's done?
    Yes, you can. When you are doing a no rush service, we can also check your suspension components for you.

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